Betsy Dynako shoots editorial, event, and art photography in Chicago and nationwide for nonprofits and corporations

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Photography has been a passion of Betsy's from a very early age, and she began to hone her skills as the photo editor for Millikin University's student newspaper, during her undergraduate studies there. Her specialty work at Millikin University included photographing sports and musical drama events.

Betsy is regarded as one of the premiere chess photographers in the United States, always providing top-notch coverage of events from Supernationals to the US Chess Championship. In addition to the print and web versions of Chess Life and the Internet Chess Club, her photography has appeared in printed materials of the Association of Unity Churches, New In Chess, Schach, and in greeting cards.

In 2004, Betsy's work appeared in a group showing titled, "Endo Expressions," at the ARC Gallery in Chicago.

"I consider photography my art," says Betsy. "I am also a classically trained singer but photography is my profession by choice. As a singer I know I did a good job when I move someone to tears. As a photographer, I would like to have the same effect someday. In general, I am blessed to do what I love."


Betsy has also begun sharing the stories behind many of the photos she has taken. See the Betsy Dynako Photo Blog at:

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